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Stop Aqua! Get On The Bus!

Who: Florida Public Service Commissioners
What: Aqua Rate Case 100330-WS (Final Hearing)
When: Feb. 14th, 2012 (Tuesday)
Where: Tallahassee
Why: Because it’s really important!

A full room of customers is a legitimate show of power. It lets these Commissioners
know that it’s not just Frank Reams and Dave Bussey stirring the pot. When customers
drive 4 hours to an agenda conference, it delivers a much stronger message than you can

J.R. Kelly, head of the Office of Public Counsel, which represents you before the
Commission, thinks you should attend.

Senators Fasano, Storms, and Hays all think it’s very important for you to be there.

And so do Representatives Weatherford, Legg, Brodeur, Stargel and Dockery.

This is your final opportunity to let the Commission know you still care and are still

Buses are scheduled to leave from:

Zephyrhills (East Pasco County)

Port Richey (West Pasco County)

Scottish Highlands (Leesburg area)

See you in Tallahassee.

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