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Our hope of legislation is no longer a hope, thanks to Senator Alan Hays, Distritct 20, which covers parts of Lake, Marion, Seminole, Sumter and Volusia Counties.

On December 13th, 2011, the good senator introduced S.B. 1244.

Summary of Bill:

Water and Wastewater Utilities; Prohibiting the Public Service Commission from approving tiered rates that are based upon consumption by the customer; limiting the amount that certain utilities may recover as rate case expense to 50 percent of the total amount; requiring that systems be designed and operated to meet certain standards; limiting the application of the standards to water and wastewater utilities that have $1 million or more of annual operating revenues; providing for the continuation of service if a utility’s certificate of authority is revoked or suspended; creating the Study Committee on Investor-Owned Water and Wastewater Utility Systems, etc.

Click on link below to view entire bill:


Also, this bill won’t be worth the paper it’s written on, if you don’t contact your district senator and representative and ask them to support this legislation.  And encourage all your neighbors and friends to do the same.

To contact your senator and representative, go to previous article, dated Dec. 13th, “Easiest Way To Contact……”

Thanks for your continued support.

Dave Bussey & Frank Reams


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