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I just finished reading an article from the Sun Sentinel, about my motion to disqualify PSC Commissioner Graham (go to the link below to read the full article).  In this article, Senator Mike Fasano’s position was clarified, for all Aqua Utilities Florida rate-payers.

Here’s what I gleaned from this article, coupled with comments made directly to me, in a brief phone conversation I had with the Senator, on March 7, 2011: 

Senator Fasano doesn’t care how much time a PSC Commissioner spends, privately, with utility representatives, even if one of those utility reps is actively involved in an ‘open rate-case’ before the Commission.

In my opinion, I can only conclude, that Senator Fasano is a significant part of the problem.  Senator Fasano has been patronizing me for over a year, with his words of concern.  But his lack of desire to actually do something to remedy the problems Aqua rate-payers face everyday, far outweighs his political jargon.

“Clarity”, someone once said, “is more important than agreeing with one another”.  I wholeheartedly agree.  I would rather know where someone stands on important matters, than have them patronize me.


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