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Here’s my take on the Senate Panel’s decision to go ahead with PSC Commissioner Graham’s confirmation:

I was at this confirmation hearing last Tuesday, in Tallahassee. Commissioner Graham, under oath, acknowledged spending a significant period of time conversing with Aqua officials, privately, over drinks. Under oath, he even stated he spent some time “talking to the Aqua case” with these Aqua officials.

Is this a big deal? The “Aqua case” that Commissioner Graham referenced, under oath, is pending, and he is the Chairman of the PSC Commission, which means he wields the most power in the outcome of this case.)

Further, while under oath, Commissioner Graham refused to admit to doing anything wrong! But several Senators on that panel were very upset, not only with what he did, but also, with the display of conceit, in his refusal to admit it.

Florida Statute 350.04 (2)(h) states:

“A commissioner must avoid impropriety in all of his or her activities and must act at all times in manner that promotes public confidence in the integrity and impartiality of the commission.” (In this case, “perception” outranks “facts”.)

By the way most of these Senators voted, you would think this statute should be amended to read:

“A commissioner doesn’t have to avoid impropriety in any of his or her activities, and doesn’t have to act at all times, in a manner that promotes public confidence, as integrity and impartiality are no longer important.”

What Commissioner Graham did was inexcusable, unethical and a violation of the law. Except for Senator Fasano, all the rest of this Senate Panel gave Commissioner Graham a “free pass”.

In my opinion, the action of these Senators is no more excusable than his. They, too, have left us with the obvious “perception” that they are, also, unethical and have no regard for this law.

Nothing is going to change on the PSC, until some attitudes in the Florida Legislature change!

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