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“A PSC spokeswoman told WFTV that Aqua’s request is being handled through a more informal process that does not require commissioners to attend public hearings. Staff members attend, instead, and report back.”   (This statement was made  to a WFTV (9Investigates) reporter.) See the full story at: 


PSC Staffers, for the most part, do a great job, but whoever said that Commissioners don’t have to participate, is probably being interview for job at Aqua Utilities, or perhaps, just isn’t qualified to be a spokesperson for the PSC.

In the attached FAW customer hearing notice FAW Notice of Customer Meetings 07939-10[1], under “General Subject Matter To Be Considered”, it says ‘one or more PSC Commissioners may attend and participate‘.  Out-going PSC Commissioner Skop attended every single customer hearing, because he cared about hearing the unfiltered stories, directly from the rate-payers.

Commissioner Graham could have taken some time to attend, at least, a couple of these hearings. I believe it’s called, “Earning your $130,000.00 a year, from the public trough”.

The PSC “Staff” does not represent the rate-payers! Their job is to make sure that Aqua Utilities Florida gets “whatever it takes”, out of the rate-payers’ pockets, to keep AUF in business, at a profit (whatever it takes). As a matter of fact, that’s the PSC Staff’s definition of “reasonable rates”.

Are AUF rate-payers suppose to wait until the final hearing, in May, to see what the PSC “Staff” recommends?  That being the case, I guess we should just stay home, and let the ‘bureaucats’ in Tallahassee take care of things for us. Surely, we can trust them, right?
I can just see them now, all the Staff that attended the customer hearings, lining up to tell the Commissioners what they should do, to help the poor rate-payers. Nonsense!

Are AUF rate-payers suppose to assume that the PSC “Staff” will relay the hundreds upon hundreds of concerns that were raised at these hearings in May? I would imagine they will have to be cross-examined to get that information out in the open.

Dave Bussey
Zephyrhills, FL

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