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Legislation has been introduced in both the Senate and the House.  It is critical that every Senator and Representative hear from their constituents, in order to get the necessary changes made.

We have prepared letters for you to send to them. The more of these letters that are sent, the greater the impact we will have in getting the legislation passed.  Tell everyone you know to help us.

Invite everyone all over the State of Florida to contact their Senator and Representative, even if they aren’t directly affected by any water problems, because we need as many legislators as possible supporting these bills.

There are a couple of easy ways to do this:

1)  Go to the link below, type in your zip code and street address, and your Senator and Representative’s pictures will pop up, along with a simple letter you can send to each of them.


2)  We have prepared “fax” letters, with your senator and representatives’s names and fax numbers.  The same simple letter is included, followed by a few lines where you can add your name and address.  These work really well at your weekly coffee n’ donuts, potlucks, bingo, park business meetings, etc.  Have lots of pens ready, so folks don’t have to stand in line too long, then gather them up and fax away.

If you need the “fax” letters, contact Dave Bussey at dbussey@hotmail.com, or call 813-713-9796 and leave a message.  Dave’s not a “fast” listener, so speak clearly and slow.

Your participation has a much greater impact than you can possibly imagine.  Please help us help you.

Dave and Frank

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