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Today’s article in the St. Petersburg Times (see link below) indicates that Pasco County officials had an opportunity to purchase water and waste-water systems currently owned by Aqua Utilities, but apparently, Pasco County (if I read this correctly) wasn’t  interested, because they were too old and/or too small.

Even if that is true, no one, I repeat, no one forced Aqua to buy these systems, so let’s stay focused on the real problem at hand - Aqua Utilities, the “water profiteer”, who doesn’t care what it cost!  By the way, the Public Service Commission isn’t too concerned about what it costs either.

That’s right, Aqua doesn’t care how much a rate-payer has to pay.  That’s not part of their business model.  And the PSC is required by law to insure a return on profit for Aqua.

Guaranteed a return on profit, regardless of what it cost their rate-payers.

Why?  Because our Florida State Senators and Representatives created the laws that make it that way, by instructing the Public Service Commission to give investor-owned uitilites a guaranteed rate of return, regardless of what it costs you and me.  And until those laws are amended, nothing will change, except for more acquisitions, that lead to more rate increases, that generate more profits, that reward Aqua’s stockholders, etc.

Investor-owned utilities were suppose to help solve some of the water and waste-water problems Florida was experiencing.  In the case of Aqua Utilities, things have become even worse.  They only care about acquisitions, that lead to rate increases, that generate profits, that reward their stockholders.  And then more acquisitions, that lead to rate increases, that generate profits, that reward their stockholders, etc.




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