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From: Charlie Tanner <tanner3193@wildblue.net>
Date: Thu, Feb 10, 2011 at 10:02 AM
Subject: Outrages water/sewer rate increases
To: trudi.williams@myfloridahouse.gov

Attn: Rep. Trudi K. Williams — My concerns are over a rate increase request by Aqua Utilities now before the PSC.  This increase will effect over 14,000 Floridians.  It will chase winter residents out of the effected areas.  It will drive down the value of our already depressed home values.  The utility in question has an overwhelming record of complaints concerning rates and water quality.  I am certain that this utility is using the EPA’s mandates and regulations as part of their reasons for an rate increase.  Judging by the quality complaints this company has, they don’t follow the EPA,s rules, only as an excuse to raise their rates.
We would appreciate it that in your capacity as chair of the Florida House Select Committee on Water Policy that you investigate Aqua’s request presently before the PSC.  Your own words in the Ledger today describing these EPA rules as,” intrusive and indefensible and shouldn’t apply to Florida.”  Many of your constituents are retired folks trying to keep their, excuse the quote, “head above water.”  We desperately need your help.  Please contact the PSC and let them know that this utility uses the EPA’s rules only as an excuse to raise their rates.  There is no sense in letting them getting away with this rouse. You can check the list of complaints against them by going on the following website www.flowflorida.com Thank you in advance for your efforts to help us.
Charles E. Tanner
9027 Lake Point Blvd.
Lake Wales, FL 33898

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