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Governor Scott:
The PSC has approved a rate increase for Aqua Utilities.  I am requesting that you overturn this decision of May 24, 2011. Aqua Utilities has 23,000 customers in Pasco County and we are already paying the highest rates in the entire County.
I see a major problem happening in the State of Florida.  I am informed that the PSC has no jurisdiction over the quality of water, so therefore does not have to take this into consideration.
I am told that SWIFTMUD  has nothing to do with rates for water consumption.
Where are the checks and balances here?  I maintain that this gives Aqua president Judy Wallingford (my comparison to Leona Helmsley) the incentive to go for the gold.
I was born in the United States of American.  Today I live in a state of chaos.
I have lived the American Dream.  I have been a home owner since 1960; the past 26 years in this home.
Now Aqua Utilities has taken that dream away from me.  If I were a renter I would move immediately, but I cannot.  If I could sell this house in this recession I would not be able to buy a comparable home for the same amount that I would be forced to sell.
Because of good choices I have made in the past, I should be living in tranquility.  Aqua Utilities has kept that from happening.  The reason for this is twofold:  The quality of the water and the cost of using it.  At age 72, I have been reduced to transporting potable water in the trunk of my car for everyday living.  I always hated camping!!!  I shower at the gym.  I do my laundry at my daughter’s home.  I avoid this water to the point that I use 500 gallons a month and my bill is $53.54 to basically flush my toilets.  I am trapped.  Law requires that I have this hookup and gives me no other choice.
I wish this was my only expense, but it is not.  In addition to having to buy potable water (that I have the privilege of bringing to my home), I have to buy many chemicals to clean the residue from anything this water touches.  I have to buy water to use in my steam mop.  For some reason, I don’t enjoy getting on my hands and knees to scrub grout on my tile floors to take off water buildup.  This water eats my plumbing fixtures.  In the past year I have replaced the works of two toilets, my kitchen faucet, two shower heads, one aerator, two goosenecks and two kitchen sink baskets.  Labor isn’t free my any means.  If this water blisters the chrome on my Moen faucets, what would it do to my intestines?  This water is classified as satisfactory.  I cannot believe this is accurate..  I remember  thalidomide, phen-fen and the like.
I also have to endure the putrid smell of this water.  If you were to shower in my home, it would give you the sensation of bathing in a sewer.  Do not take this statement lightly.  I took a sample of this stench to the PSC meeting on May 24, 2011.
I find it deplorable for a hard working tax-paying citizen of the United States to live under these conditions.
We need Erin Brockovich!!!!!
Lynda L. Wittkopp
10531 Azalea Drive
Port Richey, FL 34668

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