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In my opinion……….

Tallahasshee sewers are open. Yes, the odor is over-whelming, but it’s the “odor of clarity”.

And clarity, no matter how awful the smell, is necessary, if water and wastewater rate-payers, under the control of the Public Utility Servants (oops, I meant Public Service Commission) are to finally understand what they are really up against.

Let these “caretakers” of the public trust tell you, in their own words, what they think of the concept of “maintaining the appearance of objectivity and independence”:


South Florida Sun-Sentinel.com
Regulators, utility reps are socializing again
Does chatting about kids, politics give utilities an advantage?
By Julie Patel, Sun Sentinel
4:34 PM EST, March 4, 2011

Rob Thormeyer, a spokesman for NARUC, the group that held the conference in D.C., said regulators attending the event have an opportunity to talk to regulators and consumer advocates, not just utilities. “There are so many people at our meeting that they’re going to hear all sides,” he said.

(“…hear all sides….”  Really?  Commissioner Graham had seven (7) opportunities to hear directly from the rate-payers, under his charge, and he “no-showed” them seven (7) times!)

Kelly, the consumer advocate, said he spoke with each of the commissioners attending the conference for less than five minutes but has had much longer conversations with some in the past. He said as long as there’s no evidence they talked about work issues, he has no problem with commissioners talking to utility representatives.

(“…as long as there’s no evidence, it’s okay?  You mean “as long as you don’t get caught!)

Edgar said she’s not swayed by conversations she has outside of regulated settings: “An individual or group for a particular cause may applaud a controversial decision one week, and then rush to the media to criticize us the next.”

(Well, gee-golly!  Just how many of these conversations take place, without the rate-payers knowledge?)

Utility customer asks to disqualify PSC regulator
By Julie Patel March 17, 2011 03:30 PM

Sen. Mike Fasano, whose district includes some Aqua customers, said he appreciates customers’ involvement in the Aqua case but he “has no concerns with Commissioner Graham or his involvement” in it, according to Greg Giordano, his chief legislative assistant.

(No concerns?   Well, Senator Fasano, how many hours does it take before you do become concerned?  Two?  Three?  Four?  Five?    Or should we count the number of drinks instead?  How many Senator?  What does it take for you to get concerned?)——————————————————————————————–

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