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On April 9, 2010, PSC Staff issued its recommendation for the Commission to approve Aqua’s proposed monitoring plan.   The PSC meets again April 20, 2010 to consider this recommendation.  Let your Commissioner’s hear from you that this is unacceptable!  Commissioners need to hear directly from customers about the QUALITY of your water.  PSC believes that your only complaint is with COST.  They need to know your concerns about QUALITY and the impact on your family.  They need to hear about your concerns of FLUSHING chemically treated water into sensitive wetlands. They need to know AQUA MUST GO!

PSC Staff Recommendation 4-9-2010

  • Local Consumer Assistance Line: 1-850-413-6100
  • Toll Free Consumer Assistance Line: 1-800-342-3552
  • Toll Free Fax: 1-800-511-0809
  • Contact the PSC: Contact Form
  • Web Page Address:

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