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(In my opinion)
Friends of Locally Owned Water (FLOW) doesn’t automatically translate into desiring a ”government take-over” of any and/or all investor-owned utility companies in Florida.

Any type of water utility that provides Quality of Service to it’s “customers”, at reasonable rates, is just ‘peachy-keen’.

What bothers me is when “customer service” is thrown out the window, and replaced with “rate-payer” pillage, and lack of legislative over-sight.

Initially, I wasn’t “up to speed” on how things are done in Florida, so I thought AUF was the cause of all our problems.  And I said, “Let’s get them out of Florida!”  However, over time, I’ve come to understand they aren’t the cause, but rather, just a part of the multi-faceted problem.

That being said, AUF’s business model is unsustainable.  It reminds me of a dying patient on “life support” equipment.  They survive in Florida, only because of a Legislature that makes it so.

Granted, they should be insured a proper environment to conduct their business, but “propping up” an investor-owned” utility, that purposely acquires service areas that will never make a profit on their own, is beyond comprehension.

That might’ve been a brilliant idea several years ago, but so was depending on foreign oil!


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