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The FPSC General Counsel, Curt Kiser, has been notified of the statements made by his predesessor, Booter Imhoff, regarding the Commission’s ability to deny the Aqua Utilities rate case.   In 2009, Mr. Imhoff advised the Commissioners that they had the authority to deny a rate case, if the quality of service was found to be “inefficient”.

The Commissioners downgraded Aqua’s quality of service from “satisfactory” to “marginal”, in May of 2011.   Since then, the Commissioners had to attend formal customer hearings, where they got more than an earful of the awful quality of service Aqua has been subjecting its customers to.

In addition, these Commissioners were presented with an enormous amount of well-documented testimony at the Technical Hearing held this past November.   Testimony that Aqua’s counsel had difficulty refuting.

Inefficient quality of service has been soundly established, and it should be downgraded, even further, to “unsatisfactory”.

It won’t come as a surpise, if the FPSC Staff offers a ‘pro-Aqua’ recommendation to the Commissioners.  Their “don’t ask – don’t tell” attitude has been extremely detrimental when it comes to protecting the customers.   Voluntarily offering important information to the Commissioners seems to have lost its appeal.  Keeping the Commissioners in the dark is a bad policy.

The final order for the current Aqua rate case will be decided on February 14th.  Hopefully, General Counsel Kiser will have no difficulty in bringing to light the vast expanse of the Commission’s ”great discretion”, and its authority to deny a rate case, if the quality of service is inefficient (North Florida Water v. Bevis).


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