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In my opinion:

Is it even possible to find someone at the top of the Florida Public Service Commission who hasn’t worked for Holland Knight, the law firm that represents Florida’s biggest “water profiteer”, Aqua Utilities Florida?

Let’s see, the FPSC’s general counsel, Curt Kiser……… and now Mr. Baez.  I wonder, just how many other public servants at this ”perceived to be corrupt” agency have worked for Holland Knight?

And how many are in bed (you know – married) with “big utility” figures?  Maybe the SPTimes could do some research on this, too.

One thing for sure, the FPSC doesn’t want to hire someone from outside of Florida, who might bring in a fresh perspective on how to conduct the people’s business – oops!  I mean the utilities’ business.

Why doesn’t the Florida state legislature just rename this outfit.  From the ”Florida Public Service Commission” to the “Florida Utilities Club”.

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Dave Bussey


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