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Aqua officials sent their field techs into our park yesterday, to check on my water, so don’t be surprised to hear them cry “foul”, in the very near future.

For the record, to the best of our recollection:

Peter Linton-Smith, of Channel 13, Fox News, interviewed myself and a few others the day before.  That 45 minute session was edited down to about the 1 minute that was broadcast later that day.  We thought the news clip was excellent, however, clarification needs to be made, regarding one of the statements made by the reporter:

To my knowledge, none of us stated that our water was “undrinkable”.  We did say that there are residents in Aqua’s Zephyr Shores Service Area (eastside of Pasco County), that will not and/or cannot drink the water, and many will not wash clothes with it.  There are two (2) communities in this service area, serving approximately 500 customers.

The water coming into my unit appears to be drinkable, but I filter my water, nonetheless, and I live in an area of the park where the water is constantly moving, which contributes to the appearance of the water.  Also, we met with the reporter at our clubhouse, not at my home.

Residents who live on the outer parts of the park, are still having problems with odor, sediment, and taste. This problem becomes more severe when the seasonal residents go north for the summer, as the amount of usage goes way down.

We also shared the horror stories of Aqua’s Jasmine Lakes and Palm Terrace Service Area (westside of Pasco County) with the reporter.  This area is has about 2,500 customers. The area is economically depressed, perhaps, more than any other area of Pasco County, which is, perhaps, the poorest county in the state.  These customers are suffering the most.  They can’t drink it! And they can’t afford it!

Their water is totally unusable for any purpose other than flushing toilets. The smell of sewage is deplorable. The cost to these customers is extremely high. On top of that, they have to buy additional usable water and go elsewhere to do laundry.

Fox’s news team does an awesome job of reporting, but sometimes things get misplaced in the process of getting a story put together.

And we certainly don’t want Aqua to feel we have mis-represented our statements.

Dave Bussey
FLOW Florida Volunteer and
Aqua Customer
Zephyrhills, FL

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