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“A Florida senator is trying to let a private utility suck water from rural Pasco and Hernando counties even though there is no public need for new groundwater pumping.”

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If there’s some way to help a water utility get what it wants, Senator Bennett seems to be the “go to” guy.  When it comes to ‘water’, his actions speak volumes about him.

We would hope our elected officials would be beholding to the folks who voted for them, not the special interest groups, like Skyland and AUF.

I wonder what it is that causes elected officials to bow to the utility lobbyists?  Greed?  Power?

I would hope that anyone who is reading these comments of mine, regardless of what state you live in, or country, for that matter, would take a couple of minutes to let Senator Bennett know how you feel about his efforts to do the will of ?????????

Also, please send a ‘copy’ of your email to Laura Kinsler (St. Petersburg Times).  The “Times” has been a good ‘watchdog’ for all of us.



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