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Although it’s been said in the past that we want Aqua Utilities out of Florida, we have never, let me repeat, never suggested and/or meant that all IOUs should be taken over by government.

What we want is good quality of service at fair rates, regardless of who the provider is.  What we don’t want is to be scammed by a national water profiteer that only cares about profit, regardless of the cost to its customers!

If a local IOU can provide what we desire – fine.  If they can’t – then there needs to be an alternative.

Finally, Aqua’s “spin” about IOUs being the only solution to this nation’s water problems cannot be genuinely supported with the facts.  As an example, a municipal system, using the same monies that Aqua collects through increased rates and profits sent to Aqua America, would be able to provide the same, if not better Quality of Service.

All the monies collected would stay in Florida, for Floridians and their economy.

If you take Aqua’s inflated request for rate increases, and their ”profit margin” out of the equation, their “spin” loses it’s rpm!

Dave Bussey

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