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Join the fight for better water, better rates and better customer service.
FlowFlorida is an all volunteer organization that has been working on behalf of Aqua customers for the past two years.
We have been successful in making Aqua Utilities Florida an issue of great concern.  Our goal is to help Aqua’s customers get some much needed relief.
For the past few years, Florida Public Service Commissioners have been voicing the need for legislation to address some of the problems Aqua customers are dealing with.
While others have been talking about legislation, FlowFlorida has already “kick-started” the process.  Legislation is already under way, and should be introduced to our legislators this coming session.
What can you do?
1.  Contact your district senator and representative now, and encourage them to support this legislation when it is introduced.
The biggest concern in their districts should be Aqua Utilities.  It’s up to you to make this the biggest issue they have to deal with.
2.  Join FlowFlorida today.  Sign up for our weekly newsletter, sent to you by email once a week.
3.  Attend every meeting you can, and organize a busload of ratepayers to join us in Tallahassee, at the next Agenda Conference.
United, we will prevail ……. divided, we will fail.

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