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Hello Governor Scott are you there?  I did see you recently on TV dancing on a cruise liner.  While you are doing the jig the jig is up for thousands of Floridians.  The Florida Public Service Commissioners has allowed the water/sewer utility,  Aqua Utilities to raise it’s rates to a point where folks don’t flush their toilets or water their lawns.  They can’t sell their homes or fill their rental proprieties, that Aqua services.  Governor you are either ignoring our plight or my five emails that I sent describing it did not get through to you.
In several states where their PSC has held the line on Aqua’s request for increases the utility left those states to find greener territories like Florida.  The last increase allowed was over $2 million.  This will help Aqua, a company worth $1 billion, off set financial problems that they are experiencing in other states.  They certainly are not spending money in Florida to clear up the many quality problems that they have here.  Governor you have the authority to remove these commissioners. They may have nice jobs in mind when their terms are up, at the expense of Florida’s voters.  They don’t have to worry about getting votes but you do.
You can give a quick boost to the economy by requesting that the PSC roll back Aqua’s rate increases to an average of what is charged by public utilities around the state.  May be the utility may leave the state.  Than we can all do the jig.
Charles Tanner
9027 Lake Point Blvd.
Lake Wales, Fl, 33898

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