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Frank  — I sent four emails to our Governor concerning the PSC and Aqua without receiving a reply.  They did acknowledge receipt of the letters.  It appears that the Gov. regards the over charging of water and sewer rates allowed by the PSC is not a very high priority.  He had better rethink his stand and listen to the concerns of thousands of Florida’s residents and snowbirds.  When the folks can’t sell or rent their properties that are under Aqua’s monopoly it can become catastrophic for them and the economy.  The Gov. has to meet with the PSC and come up with a solution to this problem.  They could roll back the rates already allowed to match the rates on average of what the public utility rates are around the state.
Please post this on the FlowFlorida website and enlist those that agree with me to email the Governor to get involved.  If he allows these rates to continue than he is as much at fault as the PSC.
Thanks,  Charlie

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