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The Florida Public Commission will make a ruling on the Aqua rate case which was first ruled on May of 2010, however that ruling was protested by the Office of Public Counsel. The commission scheduled 10 field hearings for customer to voice their feelings and after 5 days of technical hearings in late November and early December the Commissioners will now consider the staff receommendation and determine what the correct amount of increase should be.


Watch for more detailed information about bus locations and times for pick up to attend this important event in Tallahassee.

Also, if you have not contacted your legislative representatives please click the link below let your legislator know your concerns.


We are planning to repeat our Bus trip to Tallahassee and to attend and hopefully speak at this hearing which will be held on Aqua’s latest request for an increase in rates and Single Tariff Pricing. Also, discussed will be Aqua’s level of customer service based on the order issued at the last Agenda conference March 16, 2010 at that conference the commission ordered Aqua to continue submitting monthly reports on Customer Contacts as well as delays in service requests by system and percent of customers billed in the normal cycles.

If you would like to attend this upcoming meeting in Tallahassee please submit your requests via the website, we will be emailing updated information to all who are signed up for our Newsletter sent each week. As we receive requests we will be determining boarding locations for the busses.


These folks took a bus to get to Tallahassee for Agenda Conference March 16th.  They are from Zephyr Shores, Florida.

Zephyr Shores Group


On March 16, 2010, the Florida Public Service Commission ruled to continue monitoring Aqua’s water quality through the end of 2010, to include aesthetics.  FLOW Florida made its public debut.  There were presentations by Dave Bussey, Frank Reams and Kelly Sullivan, as well as several customers from American Condominium Association, Zephyr Shores.  More than 50 customers made the trek to Tallahassee.  Their presence clearly had an impact on the PSC’s decision. 

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