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I addressed the Senate Communications, Energy and Utilities Committee yesterday. Senator Fasano did an excellent job of questioning Commissioner Graham. One Senator suggested he not be apart of the AUF rate case.  Another reminded him that the position of PSC Commissioner is significantly different than that of most other public officials, because of the quasi-judicial status:  perception is a critical factor, and should not be taken lightly.

Yet Commissioner Graham offered no regret, and held the position that he did nothing wrong, even though it was pointed out to him that the subject of any lengthy discussion is not the issue.  Senator Bogdanoff doesn’t get it either. She thinks “facts” out-weigh “perception”.  Not so, regarding this matter.

The law clearly states that “perception” is the primary concern:  ”A commissioner must avoid impropriety in all of his or her activities and must act at all times in a manner that promotes public confidence in the integrity and impartiality of the commission.” (FL Statute 350.041(2)(h)

Unfortunately, our concerns fell on deaf ears, except for Senator Fasano. If Commissioner Graham would have apologized, or in some way, offered some regret for his misconduct, and further, vowed to step away from the “open” Aqua Utilities rate case, I might be more understanding of the vote to confirm him.  But he stood there and arrogantly ignored all that was said to him!  (rubbing those senators faces in his crap!)

That vote was a very “revealing and loud statement” to all of us. The majority of Senators on the Communications, Energy and Public Utilities Committee don’t have as much respect for the law, as perhaps they should. They apparently view the above referenced statute as a “perception” rather than a “fact”, or the utility companies really do own them!

My resolve is stronger than ever, to do whatever it takes to help Art Graham find another line of work! I would encourage you all to contact Senator Fasano’s office and thank him for his efforts.

Dave Bussey
Zephyrhills, FL

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