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“This price-gouging behavior by Aqua Texas is made possible by the TCEQ regulators and AquaTexas was very clever when they planned how to deal with our water laws here in Texas. Their main man on the ground is Brent Reeh. He just happens to be married to Patty Reeh, TCEQ director for the very region her husband is subject to her regulations. When AquaTexas goes to the TCEQ to get these exorbitant rates approved, well, Mr. Reeh really just has to roll over in bed and request his rate increase across the pillow.”

The above quote is taken from┬ácomments filed with the Sunset Committee Regarding the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), by Charles O’Dell, Ph.D., President of the Hays Community Action Network (HaysCAN).

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No conflict of interest here!

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