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Why should you attend? The first time we went, we took 55 customers. After hearing our concerns, the Commissioners decided to continue monitoring Aqua’s over-all quality of service (no free pass).

Last year, we took 110 customers. After hearing our concerns, the Commissioners decided to down-grade Aqua’s quality of service to “marginal”.  Again, no free pass.

Since then the Commissioners have had to come out into the field and listen to the many problems we are having with this “water profiteer”.

Technical hearings were then held, and significant, documented testimony was provided that shed more light on the inability of Aqua to provide reasonable quality of service, at affordable prices.

In addition, the House and Senate have introduced bills, that when passed, will put an end to any large investor owned utility’s ability to take advantage of its customers.

This time we are planning on having at least 200-250 customers attend the conference.

The most powerful message we can send these Commissioners is our presence at this Agenda Conference.  Time after time, we’ve been encouraged to get as many customers to attend as possible, because it is a proven fact that this is the most effective way to get their attention.

We understand that some of you cannot come with us – not a problem.  But someone once said that to know to do the right thing and chose not to do it, because it might cause some temporary inconvenience or hardship, is, well, perhaps an even greater problem.


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