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AQUA Plays Hardball: Unnecessary Deposition of Ratepayer Increases Rate Case Expense?

While AUF is quick to blame Public Counsel for increasing the cost of the pending rate case by seeking unnecessary discovery, AUF is now seeking to have AUF ratepayers pay for the significant legal expense of taking my deposition:

AUF (May) – Notice of taking deposition of David L. Bussey on 4/27/11 at 2:00 p.m., offices of Holland & Knight LLP, 2115 Harden Blvd., Lakeland.

Does this unnecessary action make AUF guilty of the same thing they have just accused Public Council of doing? To date, AUF has not sought to depose any other party to the pending rate case. Why do they now want to suddenly depose a AUF ratepayer?

Is Aqua angered that a ratepayer would properly seek to disqualify Commissioner Graham from the rate case because he admitted to having a conversation over drinks with Aqua while the rate case was pending before him as the prehearing officer?

What is the true motivation for this expensive fishing expediation by AUF?

Is this a hardball tactic to intimidate AUF customers from speaking out against water quality issues and unafforable rates?

Or, is this really just another attempt for AQUA to rush to the defense of Commissioner Graham at the expense of AUF ratepayers?

Dave Bussey
Zephyrhills, FL

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