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Aqua Utilities Florida has failed again, in trying to help their customers.
And I hope all of you ratepayers COMPLAIN, COMPLAIN, COMPLAIN about it, because this is worthy of another COMPLAINT!

Aqua sent a notice to all of its customers, dated November 9, 2011, confusing many of them about an upcoming “Technical Hearing” that will be held in Tallahasse, in the later part of November thru the early part of December.

Aqua didn’t bother to preface this notice with the fact that this Technical Hearing is closed to the general public. After reading the text of this notice, many ratepayers are confused, as to whether or not this is for them to attend. Once again, it is not.

At this technical hearing, the parties of record will convene to provide further testimony and clarification of the issues they can and cannot agree on.

When these meetings are concluded, several days will be given each side to prepare rebuttals to the testimonies given at the technical hearing. This should happen near the end of December.

Then the Commissioners will then have about 45 days to review the case. The Agenda Conference is scheduled for Tuesday, February 14, 2012.

You probably won’t get a notice from Aqua encouraging your participation at the Agenda Conference. They don’t want you to be there. Neither does Art Graham, the Chairman of the PSC. So, where do you think you should be on February 14th? You betcha’ – Tallahassee!

“common people willing to do uncommon things will change their world”

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