About Us

FlowFlorida:   Friends of Locally Owned Water.


FlowFlorida is a coalition of citizens from across Florida working to return public water supplies to local ownership to ensure clean, safe water to every resident at a reasonable rate.

The coalition is currently fighting the poor water quality, high rates, and inadequate customer service that Aqua Utilities Florida provides its thousands of customers across the state. As part of our campaign to hold Aqua accountable, Flow is committed to educating decision makers and the general public about Aqua’s track record.

Flow members believe in the undeniable truth that water is an essential part of a healthy body and is dedicated to ensuring safe, affordable water for every citizen.


  • Kelly Sullivan Kelly Sullivan has been a strong advocate for Chuluota, Florida in its efforts to achieve quality water at reasonable cost.  She has appeared in front of the Public Service Commission many times and has been successful, with the assistance of many from the Chuluota community, at challenging Aqua Utilities’ rate increases for Chuluota.  She was the founding member of FLOW in Florida and is working with others to support the goal of locally owned water/wastewater services.  Kelly has a B.S. in Health Care Management from the University of Alabama and a J.D. from Florida State University.


  • Jorge Aguilar Jorge Aguilar is a Senior Organizer with Food & Water Watch, who has worked with communities in the South dealing with the problems associated with the privatization of their water utilities.  He has also been working on federal legislation that would provide more federal funding for water infrastructure projects around the U.S.  He has an M.A. in Communications from the University of Florida.


  • Frank Reams Frank Reams is retired, with over 40 years in the telephone industry in the areas of  Customer Service, Inside Plant Maintenance, and Engineering Management for a four-state area in the Midwest with focus on Land & Buildings, Digital Switch replacements and Fiber Optic systems transmission design. He is an Independent Consultant providing services to start-up CLEC’s and LEC’s in Switch design, Billing systems, and Network Operations Centers, including Methods and Procedures.


  • Dave Bussey Dave Bussey is trying to be retired, but ………..
    He worked in the Engineering Division of a major tire manufacturer for 20+ years, and also has some experience in dealing with water and waste-water issues, as a spokesperson for a citizens action group, and was instrumental in helping an Ohio township become a city.  Now a year-round Floridian, Dave enjoys spending time with his lovely spouse, and sings gospel music as much as possible.



  • Paul StakunPaul Stakun was an aerospace engineer who worked for a major commerical jet engine manufacturer.   His career was spent in engine test, overhaul and repair,  and customer service for almost all domestic and foreign airlines.  He also was involved with the FAA and NTSB in accident investigations.  Customer technical service was important because the airlines depended on prompt, accurate response  to keep equipment in active service and to ensure economical maintenance and operation.

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