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Comments below by Offic of public Counsel

AUF has requested two rate increases in less than a three year period and barely a month of the last requested rate increase had been in place for a year.AUF’s back to back rate increases are unfair and unreasonable, and will cause customers to pay unaffordable rates. Several issues have contributed to AUF’s unsustainable rate increase cycle. These issues are: AUF’s unsatisfactory quality of service, AUF’s use of higher used and useful percentages than the systems require, AUF’a inclusion of pro forma plant adjustments in the test year for projects that have not been started, and AUF’s requested increases in operating expenses that are to high and not justifiable.

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Aqua Utilities Florida has failed again, in trying to help their customers.
And I hope all of you ratepayers COMPLAIN, COMPLAIN, COMPLAIN about it, because this is worthy of another COMPLAINT!

Aqua sent a notice to all of its customers, dated November 9, 2011, confusing many of them about an upcoming “Technical Hearing” that will be held in Tallahasse, in the later part of November thru the early part of December.

Aqua didn’t bother to preface this notice with the fact that this Technical Hearing is closed to the general public. After reading the text of this notice, many ratepayers are confused, as to whether or not this is for them to attend. Once again, it is not.

At this technical hearing, the parties of record will convene to provide further testimony and clarification of the issues they can and cannot agree on.

When these meetings are concluded, several days will be given each side to prepare rebuttals to the testimonies given at the technical hearing. This should happen near the end of December.

Then the Commissioners will then have about 45 days to review the case. The Agenda Conference is scheduled for Tuesday, February 14, 2012.

You probably won’t get a notice from Aqua encouraging your participation at the Agenda Conference. They don’t want you to be there. Neither does Art Graham, the Chairman of the PSC. So, where do you think you should be on February 14th? You betcha’ – Tallahassee!

“common people willing to do uncommon things will change their world”


Hello Governor Scott are you there?  I did see you recently on TV dancing on a cruise liner.  While you are doing the jig the jig is up for thousands of Floridians.  The Florida Public Service Commissioners has allowed the water/sewer utility,  Aqua Utilities to raise it’s rates to a point where folks don’t flush their toilets or water their lawns.  They can’t sell their homes or fill their rental proprieties, that Aqua services.  Governor you are either ignoring our plight or my five emails that I sent describing it did not get through to you.
In several states where their PSC has held the line on Aqua’s request for increases the utility left those states to find greener territories like Florida.  The last increase allowed was over $2 million.  This will help Aqua, a company worth $1 billion, off set financial problems that they are experiencing in other states.  They certainly are not spending money in Florida to clear up the many quality problems that they have here.  Governor you have the authority to remove these commissioners. They may have nice jobs in mind when their terms are up, at the expense of Florida’s voters.  They don’t have to worry about getting votes but you do.
You can give a quick boost to the economy by requesting that the PSC roll back Aqua’s rate increases to an average of what is charged by public utilities around the state.  May be the utility may leave the state.  Than we can all do the jig.
Charles Tanner
9027 Lake Point Blvd.
Lake Wales, Fl, 33898


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Wait a minute. We’ve been complaining, and now you want us to complain again – why?

The majority of Aqua ratepayers didn’t have an opportunity to voice their concerns to the FPSC Commissioners, who were present at the latest round of customer hearings held around the state.

Most of the “snowbirds” were still up north. Also, many folks who were in Florida weren’t able to attend.

Some meetings were held in the mornings, some at midday and some in the evenings. Many people couldn’t get to these meetings, regardless of the time of day.

But it’s not too late to get your voice heard. Even if you’ve complained before, it’s critical that you update your concerns with the new Commissioners. They need to know that nothing has changed for the better (if that’s the case), and they need to know that you’re still upset with the high rates. They need to know that we are not going to fade away and let them continue to take advantage of us.

So, it’s vital that you continue to COMPLAIN, COMPLAIN, COMPLAIN!


Aqua’s “revenue requirements” is more important to the Florida Public Service Commission than insuring “reasonable rates” to the customers. That’s a matter of record!

The FPSC Staff is quick to point that because there is no definition for reasonable rates, they must use the revenue requirements as a starting point, in setting rates. Everything else becomes “fallout”. In other words, other than a sentence or two of “ratepayer concern rhetoric“, the FPSC doesn‘t really care how much the customers have to pay. That’s a matter of record, too!

Being a regulated utility is a privilege, not a right. And having a monopoly over ratepayers gives a utility a definite advantage, therefore, customers deserve the utmost in protection from the regulators. Not so, at the FPSC.

The #1 priority of the FPSC should always be to protect the customers from “water profiteering predators”. Continually catering to the needs of Aqua, whose Quality of Service has been terrible, year after year after year, sends a very clear message that the FPSC is pro utility. That impression needs to change.

One very obvious way of protecting ratepayers is to determine if the rates are really affordable (not based on some table or formula). Are the rates comparable to what non-Aqua customers are paying? Is Aqua’s business model too costly compared to other regulated companies?

The FPSC has all the power it needs to do what is necessary to protect monopolized ratepayers, and it’s about time they started doing their job!

I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed, but from a common sense point of view, wouldn’t it be logical to conclude that if the rates are unaffordable, they must, therefore, be unreasonable?

So-called “efforts” by Aqua to improve their operation isn’t enough to justify giving them a dime, until they actually give the customers “satisfactory” Quality of Service.


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Its easy just click on the link below, when the page opens look for the zip code box near the bottom of the page enter your zip code and then your address. Fill in the requested information and you are ready to send your email. If you choose you can add additional comments at the bottom of the letter. This is your opportunity to let your legislators know your feelings about the service and quality of water you are receiving from Aqua America.




Frank  — I sent four emails to our Governor concerning the PSC and Aqua without receiving a reply.  They did acknowledge receipt of the letters.  It appears that the Gov. regards the over charging of water and sewer rates allowed by the PSC is not a very high priority.  He had better rethink his stand and listen to the concerns of thousands of Florida’s residents and snowbirds.  When the folks can’t sell or rent their properties that are under Aqua’s monopoly it can become catastrophic for them and the economy.  The Gov. has to meet with the PSC and come up with a solution to this problem.  They could roll back the rates already allowed to match the rates on average of what the public utility rates are around the state.
Please post this on the FlowFlorida website and enlist those that agree with me to email the Governor to get involved.  If he allows these rates to continue than he is as much at fault as the PSC.
Thanks,  Charlie