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Tanner, cites that Aqua America is leaving Maine and New York

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What happened to the last increase that was supposed to go into infrastructure?

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The Distribution Improvement Surcharge

A Ripoff for Consumers

This legislation was debated in committee last year, and will no doubt be brought up again in 2012.

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Water Bill For Mother and Daughter $289.00 a month.

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Patricia Minor Lakeland Hearing


Governor please don’t let your staff forward this email to the Public Service Commission. That would be considered just passing the buck. These commissioners don’t care. They have heard it all. The only thing on their minds is where do we go from here.  I am asking you to act and get involved.  You are the top state elected official.  The PSC commissioners don’t worry about getting re-elected, but you do.  They are concerned only about what their next job will be.  It could be with a utility that they now oversee.
At the last PSC hearing held in Lakeland concerning Aqua Utility’s requested rate increase I heard some of the most compelling reasons to cut back any increases the the PSC has awarded this company.  This company operates like the monopoly that it is, with the help of the PSC.  Florida’s citizens cannot sell or rent their homes where these homes are under the grip of Aqua Utility because of the outrages water and sewer rates. No Aqua customer will even water their lawns.  They can’t afford the cost.
The PSC cut a request of a rate increase for $4.1 million to $2.61 million.  That increase means that folks carefully watching their water usage will pay for a single person approximately $85 a month and families anywhere from $120 to $200 a month.  Aqua’s base rate is around $60 a month. One speaker at the meeting brought along a bill from a near bye neighbor on a public water system.  The bill for one month was $26.
The Office of Public Council and many elected officials are joining the fight against the PCS’s rate increases.  It’s time for you to join in.  Aqua’s stock is publicly traded and the company is worth about one billion dollars.  I don’t feel that the PSC will do anything to help us as they are not accountable to anyone.   The Florida Office Of Public Council has issued a paper that backs up everything that this letter explains.
Charles Tanner
9027 Lake Point Blvd.
Lake Wales, FL. 33898



Governor Scott:
I attended a final hearing against the Aqua Utilities rate increase request on Tuesday, October 11, 2011 in New Port Richey, FL.
This company has got to be stopped.  They are endangering the lives of their customers in Pasco County.  I can’t speak for others that they service.
This company does not deliver ingestible water to our homes.  We have to buy potable water elsewhere so we are actually paying two water companies.
I am a retired bank manager so I know quite a bit about business, and I can assure you that this company is price-gouging.  They are already receiving the highest rates in Pasco County and they claim they need more.  Management problem? or price gouging?  They claim they need this raise because consumption is down.  This is like the neighborhood bully crying because no one will play with him after he just beat up every kid on the block.  We cannot intake this water.  We have to buy it elsewhere and haul it to our homes as if we lived in a campground.
I have lived in my home 26 years (the longest of anyone on my block) and I am so strong-willed that I refuse to let Aqua Utilites force me to move.  I like my neighbors and they are not low-lifes.  They are hard-working homeowners who are struggling.  They look out for me, and I am endeavoring to look out for them.
I know that what you are hearing from me is just words; but these very words represent our LIVES.
Please help us!!!
Lynda L. Wittkopp
10531 Azalea Drive
Port Richey, Fl 34668


‘Demonstrators’ politely boiling over Aqua Utilities’ water rate hike (Tampa Tribune)–ar-271237/




Pasco county customer hearing is set for Tuesday in New Port Richey and Wednesday in Lakeland

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