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Testimony of Clifton Pridgen

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Testimony of Mr. Delzell:

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Senator Alan Hays, comments at this hearing:

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State regulators this week closed one of the most contentious water rate cases in years by clipping a rate request by Aqua North Carolina, the state’s biggest private water utility, which serves more than 400 subdivisions in Wake County.

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Are there any Aqua customers in Marion County?

We thought there would be a good showing from this area, at the Gainesville Customer Hearing, held in September 12th, 2011.

When there are no HOAs in an Aqua service area, it makes it much harder for us to organize the customers.

If anyone out there is listening, please do what you can to get them involved.


Dave Bussey


Join the fight for better water, better rates and better customer service.
FlowFlorida is an all volunteer organization that has been working on behalf of Aqua customers for the past two years.
We have been successful in making Aqua Utilities Florida an issue of great concern.  Our goal is to help Aqua’s customers get some much needed relief.
For the past few years, Florida Public Service Commissioners have been voicing the need for legislation to address some of the problems Aqua customers are dealing with.
While others have been talking about legislation, FlowFlorida has already “kick-started” the process.  Legislation is already under way, and should be introduced to our legislators this coming session.
What can you do?
1.  Contact your district senator and representative now, and encourage them to support this legislation when it is introduced.
The biggest concern in their districts should be Aqua Utilities.  It’s up to you to make this the biggest issue they have to deal with.
2.  Join FlowFlorida today.  Sign up for our weekly newsletter, sent to you by email once a week.
3.  Attend every meeting you can, and organize a busload of ratepayers to join us in Tallahassee, at the next Agenda Conference.
United, we will prevail ……. divided, we will fail.


In my opinion:

Is it even possible to find someone at the top of the Florida Public Service Commission who hasn’t worked for Holland Knight, the law firm that represents Florida’s biggest “water profiteer”, Aqua Utilities Florida?

Let’s see, the FPSC’s general counsel, Curt Kiser……… and now Mr. Baez.  I wonder, just how many other public servants at this ”perceived to be corrupt” agency have worked for Holland Knight?

And how many are in bed (you know – married) with “big utility” figures?  Maybe the SPTimes could do some research on this, too.

One thing for sure, the FPSC doesn’t want to hire someone from outside of Florida, who might bring in a fresh perspective on how to conduct the people’s business – oops!  I mean the utilities’ business.

Why doesn’t the Florida state legislature just rename this outfit.  From the ”Florida Public Service Commission” to the “Florida Utilities Club”.

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Dave Bussey



Many of us have lost faith in our government.  ”They don’t care”, “they’re in it for themselves”, “big business owns them”, etc.

While some of that may be true, I believe a significant number of them really do care about their constituents, their state and their country.

But there’s a disconnect between our elected officials and their constituents.  And I believe that disconnect, unfortunately, is the fault of many of those they represent.

For some reason, most of us believe we can send them off to do the people’s business without any further input from us. We trust them to do the right thing.

What we don’t understand is that once they become part of the ‘mix’ in Tallahassee, it becomes much more difficult for them to get done what you sent them there to do.

Let me get to my point. Legislation is being drafted that will be introduced this coming session of congress. Your district Senators and Representatives need to be aware of your concerns about Aqua Utilities Florida, the Florida Public Service Commission, and the state statutes that need to be amended.

Every Senator and Representative should be able to say to his/her peers in Congress, that they receive more complaints about Aqua Utilities Florida than anything else!

You have to get the attention of every Legislator that has an AUF system in their district.

Email them, write them, call their district office, meet with them, give them petitions.

Why is this so important?  A Senator or Representative can introduce a bill, but without the support of the majority of the others, that bill will fail miserably.

You have to get the attention of as many Congress people as possible, if you expect some changes to take place.

There’s more to being a good citizen than just voting.  Please contact them now.


Gainesville, Paltka, Eustis and Chipley – click on link below for detailed info.

As many of you as possible need to contact your Florida State Senator and House Representative:

1)  Let them know of your concerns about Aqua Utilities Florida.

2)  Invite them to attend the FPSC Customer Hearing in your area.

3)  Ask them to support the legislation that is being drafted at this time, sponsored by Senator Hays and Representative Brodeur.

Also, invite your county commissioners to attend the customer hearings.