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“A statement from the Pennsylvania-based Aqua Utilities downplayed the higher rates. If we were to receive our full rate request and establish a statewide uniform rate, a typical Aqua customer would still receive a day’s worth of water (about 146 gallons) for about $1.54, or slightly more than a penny per gallon,” the statement said. “Customers would receive about the same amount of wastewater treatment service for about $2.22.” (Lisa Buie’s article, St. Pete Times, 5-18-11)

$1.54 and $2.22 for 146 gallons per day – GeeWhiz, that doesn’t sound like very much! Let’s do the math:

$1.54 + $2.22 = $3.76 X 30 days per month = $112.80  (for 4,300 gallons)

As a point of reference: Aqua has about 450 customers, here in Zephyrhills, Florida (70% of them are seasonal). We have to pay $55.00 per, every month, even if we don’t use the water or flush the toilet. We are surrounded by thousands of Pasco County customers who pay on/about $40.00 per month for up to 3,000 gallons of water and sewer (see bills below).

Aqua’s “slightly more than a penny per gallon” might be good PR, but in reality, it’s a rip-off!

Thanks to our Florida Legislature, “water-profiteers”, like Aqua, with the help of the PSC, have struck it rich, at the expense of unsuspecting rate-payers.

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